FitPaws Nabs Pet Innovation Award For “Sport Training Product Of The Year!”

an award for Pet Innovation Award and FitPaws Logo 

FitPaws offers a suite of canine physical training and rehabilitation tools that build, sustain and improve dogs’ overall fitness so they remain healthy and agile. Engineered specifically for dogs, their products increase core strength, agility, mobility, balance and coordination in order to keep dogs in motion throughout their lives.


The company focuses exclusively on canine biomechanics and the movements that improve dogs' health. Instead of taking products made for humans and re-engineering them, FitPaws designs their products specifically for dogs' unique needs. Whether for rehabilitation or fitness, all dogs require agility, balance, conditioning, cardio and core strength.


FitPaws’ line of products focus on both balance and coordination, helping canines develop motor skills and improve their dynamic balance and limb awareness. In addition, by helping to build up their muscles, this aids in retaining mobility and optimizing their strength and endurance to help them go further. The health benefits of using the FitPaws products for just 10 minutes a day are benefits that, when made into a routine, will last a lifetime.


Products designed by FitPaws are ideal for every type of dog. Family dogs often need help to keep strong, healthy and limber, reducing their risk of injury and obesity, and prolonging their lives. Working dogs also benefit from increasing their endurance and mental acuity, and reducing the risk of injury from high impact of stressors. Sport dogs make use of FitPaws’ line of products to improve performance and increase stamina as well as decrease the probability and severity of injuries. Lastly, the right FitPaws product can even help dogs undergoing rehabilitation to speed up the recovery of muscle strains, joint injuries and TPLO surgery, while reducing pain and increasing their mobility.


FitPaws’ most popular products include the K9FitBone, the Balance Discs, and the Agility Kit. All these products can be used alone for training or together for a more involved routine.


No matter a dogs' age, by incorporating strength training into their life, they can reap the benefits of healthier and more nourished joints and a mobile, nimble spine - all the while keeping their body strong and their mind sharp.


“Dogs are made to move and FitPaws helps them stay that way. Fitness and conditioning are great ways to help dogs of any age with balance, well-supported joints and core strength. Exercise also helps to build the bond you have with your beloved pooch - even improving communication,” said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Independent Innovation Awards. “We’re happy to award FitPaws with the ‘Sport Training Product Of The Year’ award. We want our dogs to have full, happy, healthy lives to the very end. The best way to do this is to ensure their body stays strong, mobile and pain-free. You can keep your dog in top shape by incorporating consistent workouts on FitPaws equipment.”


The mission of the annual Pet Innovation Awards Program is to honor innovation and recognize excellence, hard work and success in a range of Pet Care industry categories, including Apparel, Grooming & Cleaning, Food & Treats, Health, Housing, Toys, Training, Retailers & Services and more. The 2023 Pet Innovation Awards attracted more than 2,000 nominations from around the world.