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2 products

    2 products
    FitPaws CanineGym Dog Agility Kit
    FitPaws Hurdle Set
    Whether you are a backyard agility enthusiast, a professional dog trainer, a sporting dog owner or an animal rehabilitation expert, we have a FitPaws Kit for you! An incredible value, these kits bring together all the products you need to improve your dog’s mobility, strength, balance, coordination, speed and more. Each one will help your dog gain and maintain one or more of the five foundations of Complete Canine Fitness & Performance. Chock full of our best products, these kits are an exciting way to start or grow your dog’s fitness and conditioning toolbox.

    Engineered specifically for dogs, the products in our Agility, Fitness and Rehabilitation Kits are made with professional-grade, phthalate-free materials; have durable, non-slip textures; are puncture proof, burst proof and damage resistant; and are easy to clean.
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