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Together we

can help


move and


Together we can help dogs move and thrive

To effectively help your canine patients recover from injury, surgery and the impacts of old age, it’s important you have tools you can trust. That’s why we focus exclusively on canine biomechanics and the movements that help build, sustain and improve dogs’ health. Our goal is to create products that support dogs’ physical and mental wellbeing, and are efficacious tools in physical rehabilitation. We share your determination to help dogs thrive and work to support you on that journey.

FitPaws products can be used for...

In-Clinic Pre-Surgery Strengthening
Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
At-Home Compliance



At FitPaws we take the art and science of rehabilitation and physical training seriously. Our specially designed products help dogs gain and maintain the five foundations of Canine Fitness + Performance. By addressing balance, strength, cardio, flexibility and mental fitness, care providers can create a well-balanced fitness or rehabilitation plan that supports mobility, agility and longevity.

Our products are engineered specifically for dogs with anti-slip design features and durable, burst resistant materials. Each one supports canine proprioception and provides neural stimulation.

We invest in the education, partnerships and relationships that help our dogs and our community thrive

Equipment for Canine Rehabilitation


Ready to Level Up Your Rehab Gym?

Blue Aqua Orange Purple +2
Regular K9FITbone Dog Balance Training Platform
Blue Turquoise Purple
Giant K9FITbone Dog Balance Training Platform
Mango Razzleberry Blue
Mini K9FITbone Balance Training Platform (Set of 2)
Blue Razzleberry
FitPaws Balance Discs (14" or 22")
from $40.95
Sold Out
FitPaws Paw Pods, Anti-Skid Bottom (Set of 4)

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