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Boards, Pads and Targets

4 products

    4 products
    FitPaws Balance Pad
    FitPaws Wobble Board, Dog Balance Training Platform (multiple sizes)
    from $65.95
    FitPaws Targets (Set of 4)
    FitPaws Giant Rocker Board 30" x 30"
    In support of complete canine fitness and conditioning, our Boards and Pads work to increase your dog’s motor skills, coordination and body awareness. These skills provide the key for healthy, everyday living and lay the foundation for more advanced strength, endurance, speed and power training needed for sporting and working activities. Also ideal for beginners, senior dogs, puppies and dogs recovering from surgery or injury, each of these can help with joint stability, balance confidence, contact training and posture.

    Engineered specifically for dogs, our Boards and Pads are low profile, have durable, non-slip textures and are easy to clean.
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