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9 products

    9 products
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    Regular K9FITbone Dog Balance Training Platform
    Mango Razzleberry Blue
    Mini K9FITbone Balance Training Platform (Set of 2)
    Blue Turquoise Purple
    Giant K9FITbone Dog Balance Training Platform
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    FitPaws Paw Pods, Anti-Skid Bottom (Set of 4)
    FitPaws TRAX™ Donut
    FitPaws Circular Product Holder (For Trax Donut)
    FitPaws Trax Peanut Dog Training Platform (Various Sizes)
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    Blue Razzleberry
    FitPaws Balance Discs (14" or 22")
    from $40.95
    FitPaws Balance Ramp
    Our Inflatable Fitness products are the perfect tools for stability training, which is a key element in canine conditioning. Stability training is a fun way to build a strong foundation for strength, mobility and overall health. The goal is to ensure your dog has a strong set of core muscles so they have a body fit for both daily activities and sport-related performance. Our Inflatable Fitness products will help strengthen your dog’s core and limb muscles, improve balance, coordination and body awareness, and increase overall fitness. These are powerful tools you can use to help your dog burn energy and calories, increase focus, and rehabilitate from any strains or injuries.

    Engineered specifically for dogs and made with professional-grade, phthalate-free materials, our Inflatable Fitness products are puncture proof, burst proof and damage resistant.
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