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Agility Kit Product Guidelines

Congratulations on the purchase of your new FitPaws® Agility Kit.

The FitPaws Agility Kit is a great beginner training tool. It includes six 12" (30cm) cones and three collapsible jumping rails. The jumping rails measure 36" (90cm) when fully assembled and can be adjusted to 2", 5" or 8" in height.

Great for at home training and on-the-go use.

Usage Tips

Agility Kit

The FitPaws Agility Kit can be easily assembled and disassembled. No individual piece measures more than 12" (30cm) in length making it super convenient to store and bring on-the-go.

Ideal for both physical and mental fitness, the Agility Kit can be mixed and matched to create new challenges that strengthen hind limbs, front limbs, and core muscles.

Ready to get started with your Agility Kit?

The FitPaws Agility Kit is made for dogs of all sizes and capabilities. Adjustable in height to 2" (5cm), 5"(12.5cm) and 8" (20cm). Benefits include:

  • Gait training
  • Increased proprioception, especially rear end awareness
  • Strengthens and lengthens the spine, shoulder and hip muscles
  • Improved coordination
  • Better joint health
  • Improved cardio
  • Cavaletti

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