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National Canine Fitness Month promotes pawsitively healthy choices

FitPaws named April as National Canine Fitness Month to bring awareness to canine obesity and remind everyone to keep their dog active and fit. 

Although we love our dogs dearly, too many of them suffer from obesity and sedentarism, spending much of their time each day eating and sleeping. Fortunately, these are two of the most preventable conditions dogs suffer from and by reversing them, you can have a major impact on the quality and longevity of your dog’s life. 

The big problem with dog obesity

“As a concerned pet owner, you need to understand that your pet’s body condition is one of the most influential factors in their longevity, quality of life, and disease prevention.”

— Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM, CVFT, America’s Pet Advocate

Keep your dog fit and active

The opposite of a sedentary lifestyle is movement and National Canine Fitness Month is the perfect time to find new, fun and effective ways to get your dog moving. We encourage you to find ways to get your dog playing, chasing, walking, fetching - even a good roll in the grass or a walk upstairs is healthy movement!

Just getting started? Give some of these ideas a try!

Get Walking

Try Active Play

Play Hide and Seek

Play Fitness Games

Raise the Floor

Exercise Together

Download these recommendations to take on the go