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FitPaws Duo Disc

FitPaws Duo Disc
FitPaws Duo Disc
FitPaws Duo Disc

FitPaws Duo Disc

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The New FitPaws Duo Disc (24" x 13" x 3")

With its low profile and unique shape, the FitPaws Duo Disc is the perfect balance trainer for any dog, from novice to expert. By encouraging your dog to sit, stand, stretch and train on an unstable surface you are helping build core strength, limb strength, proprioception, concentration, and more. You can customize the level of difficulty for your dog by changing the level of air in the cushion and by using the Duo Disc in combination with other FitPaws products. And with varying textures on each side of the Duo Disc, you can choose the level of neural stimulation and textural awareness your pup needs.

Engineered specifically for dogs

  • Low profile with superior gripping

  • Sensory bumps provide neural stimulation

  • Varying textures on each side

  • Durable + burst resistant

  • Professional grade material


- Strengthen core + limbs

- Improved coordination

- Better joint health

- Stronger bond

- Reduced behavior challenges

- Senior dog strengthening

- Puppy confidence building

Before beginning this or any physical activity with your dog, ensure he or she is in good health. The FitPAWS® Balance Disc is a training tool for dogs only and is NOT A TOY. Do not allow your dog to use the equipment unsupervised. The Balance Disc is not for human use.

Clean with soap and water. Some cleaning solutions may cause damage to the plastic. FitPAWS® professional quality heavy-duty PVC was designed for dog use and resists damage caused by dogs nails. Please ALWAYS check your dog’s nails prior to using the product. Dog nails should be trimmed.

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