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FitPaws Giant Rocker Board 30" x 30"

FitPaws Giant Rocker Board 30" x 30"

FitPaws Giant Rocker Board 30" x 30"

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The Versatile FitPaws Rocker Board

Offers a single-direction, back and forth movement that helps dogs with body awareness and balance confidence. This type of conditioning strengthens muscles and joints, and improves concentration. With an extra-wide platform, it's the perfect contact surface for a variety of weight-shifting activities. This is also a great tool for dogs new to balance training, as well as seniors and puppies. Try combining it with other FitPaws products to create new exercises for your dog.

Product usage guidelines and instructions can be found here.

Engineered specifically for dogs

  • Padded, non-slip textured mat

  • Single plane movement for control

  • Extra wide contact surface


- Body awareness

- Weight shift confidence

- Strength training

- Contact training

  • One size fits all
  • Extra wide 30"x30" surface
  • 1.5" Center fulcrum bar
  • Removable training mat
  • Padded, non-slip textured training surface
  • Padding on edges of board to muffle sound when in use on indoor flooring
  • Rounded contoured board edges
  • Replacement FitPaws mats are available here
  • Before beginning this or any physical activity with your dog, ensure they are in good health. A trip to your veterinarian is a great way to start out on the right paw and reduce risk of injury. Always check your dog's nails prior to using this product. Dog nails should be closely trimmed as a sharp nail could damage the mat.

    Easy to clean. Surface mat is attached with Vlecro and is easily removed for cleaning. Hang up mat and spray with water. All to dry completely before replacing.

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